Updated: 4/14/2020

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  • Your making a big deal about it!But how does radiation affect us though ?
  • there's a lot of radiation due to an accident that happened not too long ago
  • radiation poses a health risk by damaging tissue and DNA genes.
  • That sounds awful!What happens to your body when exposed to it?
  • It can also cause skin burns, bloody vomits, reduced cardiac function and long term health effects like cancer and cardiovascular diseases, mutations &It also affects the immune system
  • Many things can happen when exposed to it for example, in chernobyl a firefighter got exposed to so much radiation his eye color changed
  • Tell me more!Where can these toxins be found?
  • Radiation can be found everywhere it's part of our everyday but when we talk about nuclear accidents like chernobyl or electronic use that's where those toxins are mostly founded
  • People become exposed to it by being around it for too long in really radiated areas which causes bad skin burns and long term mutations.
  • Is radiation a carcinogen or mutagen?
  • Radiation Is a carcinogen and mutagen, Interacting with DNA to produce a range of mutatioms. A carcinogen can be any substance of radiation that causes cancer.
  • What can be done to avoid exposure of radiation then?
  • Staying inside will avoid the exposure of radion. its better to stay home till they fix the problem just to stay safe
  • Thank you so much for helping me today! you teached me a lot about radiation.