Hammy's story
Updated: 1/29/2020
Hammy's story
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  • Stop bragging, all of us are good, because we're here at the tryouts.
  • I'm awesome and you know it!
  • What!? This game is rigged!
  • Ha! you guys are gonna lose!
  • Hammy (middle front) was extremely talented when it came to sports, and he almost always got on the district sports team. However, he was a bad sport and boastful, so he didn't have any friends. So when Hammy tried out for the district basketball team...well, you'll find out.
  • A couple of days later, Hammy received a call from his basketball coach telling him that he made the district team. He congratulated himself and arrived at his first practice ready to roll. He got his uniform and a basketball. He got to know his teammates, and then his team played knockout. When Hammy won, he pranced around the gym rubbing it in t his teammates until his coach told him to cut it out. When he lost, he declared that the game was rigged and his teammates cheated.
  • When Hammy arrived at his first game, he started trash-talking the opposing team, making rude gestures and faces at them, and bragging about how they were going to win. His teammates were upset at his bad sportsmanship and rolled their eyes and apologized to the other team.
  • When Hammy arrived at his house, He went straight to his room and started crying. He thought about how lonely he was, and what he could do to get friends. He understood why he couldn't, so he made a plan to get them back.
  • When Hammy went to his next game, he greeted his teammates warmly. They were surprised at his kindness and returned the greeting in shock. He wasn't selfish at all the whole game, and since Hammy's team won, he warmly shook the other teams' hands and said, "Good Game".
  • Now that Hammy has grown to be respectful and kind to everyone, he has friends that encourage him to be a better person. He loves playing basketball with them, and invites others to be with him.
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