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Rome and Greek
Updated: 11/26/2019
Rome and Greek
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  • Rome is located in Italy, which includes a peninsula and islands in southern Europe. The Italian peninsula is shaped a lot like a boot and reaches into the Mediterranean Sea with its toe pointed toward the island of Sicily.
  • When Romulus and Remus grew up, they decided to construct a town on the banks of the Tiber River where the wolf had found and saved them. However, in a quarrel over who would rule the new settlement, Romulus killed his brother.
  • Etruscan arches rested on two pillars, which supported a half-circle of wedge-shaped stones. A keystone in the center held the other stones of the arch tightly in place.
  • These Etruscan sports gained popularity in Rome. In Roman stadiums, thousands of slaves died fighting as gladiators, professionally trained fighters who battled either each other or wild animals. Romans also flocked to see charioteers risk their lives racing four-horse teams.
  • The Romans borrowed and adapted ideas from the Greeks, as well as the Etruscans. Greek architecture was one important influence on the Romans. The Greeks constructed marble temples as homes for their gods. Temples like the Parthenon had stately columns that added to their beauty.
  • The Greeks carved important documents, such as laws and treaties, into bronze or stone plaques, some of which were displayed in the public squares.The Greek influence on Roman painting and sculpture was so great that historians speak of “Greco-Roman art.” For example, they followed Etruscan religious rituals in founding their cities.
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