Updated: 6/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Karen! Did you get the message?
  • Oh, you mean the one you sent to the "Game of Phones" group chat about meeting up at Carowinds Saturday?
  • "Game of Phones"? I didn't send it in that one. I sent it in "The Salty Pretzels"group chat.
  • Nope, you sent it to "Game of Phones".
  • *drops phone* No!
  • Heather, what's the big deal? The "Game of Phones" group chat has the same people as the "Salty Pretzels".
  • 1) Yeah, but Becky is in "Game of Phones".
  • 3) As if! Becky's a loser. No one wants her there. I'm gonna text her and tell her that right now.
  • 2) So? She's our friend.
  • 2) Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tell this loser why she can't come!
  • 3) Do you know how much trouble you would be in? What if she told someone? Cyber-bullying is not a joke, Heather. Millions of people suffer every year! And think about how Becky would feel! Her mental health could be damaged from this!
  • 1) Heather, no! Stop!
  • Fine, I won't text her. I guess she's not all that bad.
  • No, she's not. She's really fun once you get to know her. You'll have a good time with her, I promise.