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Updated: 4/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi I am igneous rock. I form when hot, molten rock from lava and magma crystallizes and solidifies. Now when my body starts to weathering and eroding I turn into sediments
  • O no I am eroding and braking apart know I am turning into sediments
  • Hi I am sediments.I live under water. Also Cementation is the process in which sediments are glued together by minerals. Now when lithification happens I turn into sedimentary rock
  • I do not like what is going on .All of these rocks are attaching on to me and now we are going down a stream into a mountain
  •  Hi I am sedimentary rock. I live in the mountains and when my body starts to get heating up and I get a lot of pressure I turn into metamorphic rock
  • Man the Sun is really bright today. Man all of the suns light is putting pressure on me. No now I am turning into metamorphic rock