Broken Blade by: makena latcham hour five
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by: makena latcham hour five

Storyboard Text

  • nooooooo
  • faster men!
  • La Londe !!!!!!!
  • Pierres father chops of his thumb doing Pierres job. Pierre feels gulity and he is going to be a voyageur for his dad.He has to leave his family and go.
  • After leaving St Annes. life for pierre didnt get beter.His brigades were nice in all 'well besides beloit. He just felt misrible and his splinters where not helping him.He never felt like this before a sad home sick boy.
  • It was pierre's first set of rapids. After paddling for a long time, La londe cracks his paddle . He tried to reach it but he fell over board. Into the rushing river he went. They spent hours trying to find him but they could not. The crew was misrible.
  • pa.......
  • Crossing lake superior was one of the hardest things pierre had done.The water was wild and the wind was howling.Paddling was hard and painful. But then they saw land and out watied the storm.
  • When pierre saw grand portage He was so happy ,he wanted to dance.At the rendezvous their was so much tasty food. Mukwas daughter kennewha asked pierre to dance with her and they had a great time.
  • Finally pierre made it home, pierre was so happy. After hugging for awhile ,they celeabrated! The next day pierre decided that he will sign up again just for fun.