Book 8 Odyssey Comic
Updated: 3/12/2020
Book 8 Odyssey Comic

Storyboard Text

  • This is a great feast!
  • *sobbing*
  • This is a tale of the feats of the heroes.
  • Let us go to the athletic sports and show how we surpass all other nations.
  • Odysseus, are you so nonathletic that is why you do not participate.
  • I excel in a great number of athletic sports!
  • We are better musicians and dancers than we are at sports. Fetch us Demodocus and his lyre.
  • Wow! That was the farthest one ever!
  • I could also win at every other sport except for running. I am also great at archery.
  • This is a tale of lovers Artemis and Ares.
  • Let us show this stranger proof of our hospitality. Every leader, I want you to bring this man gifts for his journey home.
  • You Phaeacians truly are the best dancers.