History 2nd
Updated: 12/19/2019
History 2nd
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  • World War 1
  • 4 Million soldiers have died so far
  • February Revolution
  • Need more food need more food!
  • New Economic Policy
  • Gonna sell the rest of these...
  • Russia was brought into the war unprepared by the czar Nicholas II. Over 4 million soldiers had died in the war before Russia surrendered.
  • Bloody Sunday
  • SundayJanuary
  • In 1917 people started to riot and protest because of a scarcity of food erupted.
  • October Revolution
  • Peace, Land, and Bread!
  • Peasants could now sell extra farm materials rather than giving it to the government
  • Civil War
  • SurrenderAnton Denikin!!
  • On Sunday January 9th 1905 over 100 thousand industrial workers protested the czars palace because they wanted better working conditions. Only some officers were there in which they fired in the crowed killing between 500 and thousand people.
  • Fire!
  • The October revolution in 1917 Lenin created the red army which was formed with industrial workers went against the government. Opponents of Lenin were the white army. Popular slogan made by red army was Peace, Land, and Bread.
  • A war between the red army and white army happened in 1918. The red army won which ruined economy which formed NEP
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