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Updated: 9/30/2020
Unknown Story

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  • They also had to hunt new animals when there food sources died out
  • In the Paleolithic age, people hunted for animals and collected berries.
  • Someone help me tame this pig!
  • After many years of farming, people finally learned how to prefect it.
  • Farmers discover that if they replant a seed from the best crop the it will grow better.
  • This is the beginning of agriculture.
  • After the last Ice Age, people had to find new food sources and adapt to the climate change. They also learned that it was possible to plant seeds and harvest them.
  • Over time, the first farmers discovered how to domesticate animals and use them in multiple ways. Another thing was that people had the choose to either become a farmer and provide crops, or become a hunter-gather and track your food.
  • Early farmers learned that it was best to settle in one area and improve their civilization, and agriculture. That's how farming became an important part of all cultures.