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Buddha's Path To Enlightenment
Updated: 2/27/2019
Buddha's Path To Enlightenment
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  • My son will be a king!
  • Your son will either become a king or a spiritual leader.
  • Look at these young people!
  • How come I did not know of these struggels?
  • Siddhartha Gautama was born a prince. He was told he would become one of two things. He would become either a king or a spiritual leader.
  • Fine! Then leave!
  • This is not the life for me. It is very unhealthy.
  • Siddhartha's father wanted him to become king, so he tried to protect Siddhartha. He never saw sick or injured people. He always saw happy, young people. This made him think that everything in the world was good.
  • What is the cycle of life? What are the answers?
  • One day Siddhartha went into the city and saw four depressing sites. He saw an old man with a cane and a man with a disease. He also saw a dead man and his family. Then, he saw a holy man that was homeless. Siddhartha wanted to become like this man.
  • My people! I have the answers to all of your questions!
  • Siddhartha searched for truth about life and death. He decided to live with ascetics. This meant not sleeping, eating, or bathing right. After a while, Siddhartha became unhealthy and ill. He decided to find another way.
  • After leaving the ascetics, Siddhartha sat under the Bodhi tree. He meditated for 49 days to find the truth. In the end, he reached great enlightenment.
  • After becoming Buddha, he went back to his people to preach his believes. He wanted to teach the world to know of these truths. He would answer all of their questions.
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