Martin Luther bein smart smart
Updated: 3/8/2021
Martin Luther bein smart smart

Storyboard Description

dis man was dawgin out da church den homie was like yk what dis stupid im done pay 20$ everytime i commit a sin bro what god gone do wit 20$ he dont een want 20$ fr jus da church dez bois sum scammas. Ain no where did it say in da bible pay 20$ to ya local church when u commit a sin so u dont go to hell.

Storyboard Text

  • yo dis indulgence kinda lame ya boi broke round here issa hard life 4 a nun ya heard me
  • Then stop sinning you animal you suppose to be the example u freak
  • Ion i feel like dats fake ya heard me like fr what god gone do wit 20$ yk what im sayin like why would he want 20$ so we dont go to hell what he gone do wit dat he ain gettin it its jus the church and dey fat bishops ya heard me
  • Aye u better chill u gettin to dangerous homie yk da church be hearin allat dey gone be on ya boi.
  • Naw naw im all on dat im all on dat matter fact Jesus himself said if you have faith in me you will be saved. SO therefore if i beleive in jesus died for my sins then i shall go to heaven dis church fake yo matta fact lemme enlighten all my fellow monks so we can stop bein broke and get our racks up
  • Bro they will litterly cook u ina skillet ma boi. I cant hang witchu no mo u makin me look bad