Updated: 11/11/2020

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Do it.

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  • I will show everyone how powerful I am
  • Sun god help us!
  • King please have mercy!
  • No!
  • Rabbit noise
  • King Gilgamesh had everything except friends so he became cruel. He wanted to show everyone just how powerful he was and be remembered forever.
  • To prove his power he told the people to build a wall, for along time the people helped willingly but later they wanted the building to end.Gilgamesh heard the cries for mercy and did not stop so the people prayed to the sun god for help.
  • I am the strongest on earth.
  • We will see.
  • The sun god heard the cries for help and sent Enkidu to live in the forest with the animals. Enkidu had the same power as Gilgamesh and saw a hunter killing animals he did not like this so he threw the hunter.
  • The hunter went back to the city and told Gilgamesh and said that the person in the forest was the strongest person on earth. Gilgamesh wanted to prove him wrong so he sent him back with Shamhat to capture him.
  • Enkidu found Shamhat and fell in love with her so did she Enkidu learned how too talk and sing.Shamhat told Enkidu not too go to Uruk for Gilgamesh would kill him but Enkidu would no listen so they went to the city and the fight started.
  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu fought for hours on top of the wall trying win but they are matched in power. Until Gilgamesh tripped and fell of the wall Enkidu help him up and Gilgamesh hugged him for he had found a friend the wall building stopped. Now the friends plan to make the city even happier.
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