Gods message through the prophet, Hosea
Updated: 4/30/2020
Gods message through the prophet, Hosea

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  • They're 30 shekels
  • Man lying about the price of apples
  • Murder
  • I'd like to buy some apples
  • They're only 10 shekles..... but i'll get more money
  • Guy killed man.
  • man stealing from people's houses at night.
  • Stealing
  • Man swearing at his wife
  • !@$^^#$$@#*($%^
  • The people of Israel sinned greatly and turned away from the Lord. They did what was right in their own eyes but not in the eyes of the Lord. They walked on in their own paths of wickedness. Here are some examples of what they did that were wrong:
  • As it says in the Bible, “the Lord accuses Israel of lying, murder, stealing, swearing, and committing adultery.”
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