animal farm chapter 6
Updated: 7/20/2020
animal farm chapter 6
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  • 1) All the animals worked like slaves building the windmill and doing everyday work on the farm at the same time.
  • We have so much work to do around the farm these days.
  • 4) Mr. Whymper came to the farm every Monday.
  • But we are doing this work for ourselves, it'll be worth it.
  • Yeah, and we must listen to Napoleons orders.
  • 2) Napoleon announces that Animal Farm would engage in trade to obtain urgent materials.
  • 5) The pigs moved into the farmhouse even though it was against one of the original Animalism rules.
  • From today onwards, Animal Farm will trade with nearby farms to get urgent materials
  • 3) The animals feel uneasy about the fact that the farm is dealing with humans but Squealer assured them everything was okay.
  • I thought all humans were bad.
  • Why are we dealing with them?
  • Don't worry guys, this is for the betterment of all of us.
  • Yeah! What if they attack us again?
  • You will now take care of all matter relating Animal Farm to the outside world.
  • Yes Napoleon, that sounds good!
  • From today onwards, all the pigs will move into the farmhouse as we are the brains of the farm and need a quite space
  • 6) The windmill was torn down and Napoleon blamed Snowball.
  • Comrades, Snowball has come in the night and overthrown our windmill!
  • All our hard work is gone!
  • NO!!
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