The Broken Blade; by Charlie Morast-- Hour 3
Updated: 2/27/2020
The Broken Blade; by Charlie Morast-- Hour 3

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's father cut his thumb, so now he won't be able to work, therefore the family won't have enough money to survive the winter. Pierre goes out in his father's place and enlists to be a voyageur. He leaves his family and his schoolwork behind.
  • He begins his journey to Grand portage. All the paddling hurts his hands (which is why he's sad) because he hasn't done this before, and it makes them blister and swell up. However, he's still going strong, and can carry his weight when he travels with the packs on his back.
  • Pierre ran the rapids. It was difficult because of unseen obstacles such as boulders. The rapids were fast and scary, because your canoe could crash into boulders at any given moment. La Londe died freeing them from the boulders when their canoe got stuck, because he got swept away into the rapids.
  • Paddling through Lake Superior was a bit difficult. The seam split, and water started flooding the canoe. More men were bailing than they were paddling, causing more water to flood in, and faster.
  • Pierre and the other voyageurs made it to the rendezvous. He felt lucky that he was only a pork eater, because he discovered the voyaging was a lot harder for normal voyageurs. He was glad to finally be here, after a long time. Then, he attended the party, and danced with a girl.
  • Pierre returned home and reunited with his family and friends. His father told him that he left and didn't come back, to which Pierre was confused. His father explained that he'd sent off his son, a man came back.