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Short Story - Ethan_He20
Updated: 10/11/2019
Short Story - Ethan_He20
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  • Exposition: It was a late Tuesday evening. I just couldn't get any rest. I was forced to stay up all night. The sounds of the city reverberating in my head. The faint clicks of the clock ticking. And the creaking of my bed as I thrusted around, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It was as if my mind and body were giving me all signs to not go to bed. But I refused to listen, and continued trying to get some shut-eye. What I didn't know was that my body was right. I was unaware of the danger that was coming for me. Going to sleep would be the worst decision of my life.
  • Rising Action: IT...was coming for me. IT...was blood thirsty. IT...was finally awake. I wasn't safe. I figured that out, when I heard a knock at my door. I pondered to myself, while walking to the door, 'Who could be knocking at three in the morning?' I opened the door, but saw no one. Nor heard anyone. But I FELT a presence. I FELT a wind enter the room, and suddenly, I felt chills run down my spine. That is, until I heard a frail, almost dusty voice, behind me. "I found you, and I'm going to give you five minutes until I finally get revenge. Until I finally get payback. Until I finally...get your soul. Time Tick...tick...tick."
  • Climax: With those words in my mind, I began running. I rushed down the stairs, afraid of taking the elevator, for it would waste time. When I got to the bottom floor, I ran. I ran. And I ran. I dashed through the city. Dashed through citizens. Some cussing me out as I shoved through them. I didn't care though. All I cared about, was getting to a safe place.
  • Falling Action: I ran to the underside of a far-away bridge. I was out of breath. I knew if that...thing caught up to me, I would most certainly not be able to get away. But I felt that the...thing...would not find me here, of all places.
  • Resolution: I leaned against the wall, catching my breath, until I heard that voice again, pressing against my ear. "Times up."
  • Conflict: The conflict is when the spirit knocks on the door and my character answers, only to find the empty hallway, and the voice.
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