Forms of water
Updated: 1/7/2021
Forms of water

Storyboard Text

  • Okay Patrick! Let's get started on our water lab project!
  • Okay Andrew! Here we have some liquid water in a bottle.
  • Well, what if we froze it?
  • Let's find out! To the artic!
  • Brr! It's freezing!
  • Can we go somewhere warmer now?
  • Okay, to the desert!
  • True, but look! The water froze into solid ice because of the heat being removed! It can't flow and has a define shape and volume.
  • Whew! A little TOO warm!
  • How many more places do we have to go?
  • One more! To the sky!
  • Now that there is added heat, the ice melted back into liquid water, being able to flow free in the container. It has no define shape, but define volume.
  • Can we go back to school now?
  • Okay, to the!.. Nah, that's getting old...
  • And now that it's been sitting out for a while, it gained MORE heat and turned to a gas, water vapor! It can flow freely through the sky with no limits! No define volume and shape that is.
  • Ah! Were back! How do we even travel places anyways?
  • It's... A long story...
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