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Updated: 3/9/2021
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  • Unfortunately, a few years later Niklau's uncle passed away, but arranged him a very secure life as a church cannon in which lead him to many responsibilities, but never discontinued his studies on the theory
  • In 1514, Niklaus wrote a small report based on his theory, this was called the little commentary which proposed his theory to his astronomy-minded friends, this was stating that the earth revolved on its axis and orbited the sun, telescopes were not invented at the time so Niklaus would use a small metal tube to look at the sky. 
  • I believe the Geocentric theory is incorect
  • NO WAY!!!
  • Tell me more
  • In 1532, Niklaus had completed a very detailed astronomical he had been working on for about 16 years, but did not want to publish it as he feared publishing it for many reasons, and eventually in 1541 he agreed to publishing it with the support of his mathematician friend 
  • I cannot publish this, no one will believe me!
  • It is said that Niklaus was in a sickbed when his work was publishes, but awoke from a stroke induced coma to read the first copy of his book, he was able to see his hard work become a success, and then died a peaceful death after, avoiding all of the praise
  • Niklaus Copernicus spent his life creating the Heliocentric theory and it was not fully accepted until 1687, when Issac newton explained it could be true, and even though it took many years to be recognized, the Heliocentric theory as well as Niklaus Copernicus both became very important parts in history which are still discussed to this day