The Landlady
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Landlady

Storyboard Text

  • Billy Weaver was in need of a place to stay the night before going into the office the next day. A local had advised to go to The Bell and Dragon.
  • Christopher Mulholland...Gregory Temple...
  • On his way, he noticed a bed and breakfast that seemed cozy and welcoming. Billy thought the animals inside were comforting.
  • As Billy rang the door an old lady answered it. She seemed very nice and harmless, if not a little odd.
  • Once he had gotten situated, upon the landlady's request, Billy signed in. As he signed his name, he realized there were only two names prior to him.
  • Although he refused, the landlady insisted on giving Billy tea. As the chatted, Billy began to realize that the comforting animals were in fact stuffed dead bodies and the odd smell was coming from his tea.
  • Once Billy realized it was too late. The landlady was glad, however, she got a handsome boy to add to her collection.