Updated: 9/26/2021

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  • good morning classmates and teacher, today we are going to present about celular respiration
  • it recieves the name celular energy the process which every cell degrade food molecules
  • all this process is to obtain energy
  • the cellular respiration ocurrs in different cellular structures
  • the first one of them its the glocosys, which occurs at the cytoplasm
  • the second stage its the Krebs cycle
  • during this process the pyrovic acid decomposes on carbon dioxide, produces citric acid and extracts energy
  • The products of the krebs cycle and glycolysis are part of the last step of cellular respiration, the electron transport chain.
  • Glycolysis generates high energy electrons that are passed to NAD, forming NADH these NADH molecules can enter the mitochondria where NADH and FADH bind
  • This is the process of cellular respiration where at the end of this process we obtain:
  • thank you for your atention
  • NADH and FADH generated by kerbs cycle