The Shirt and Shirtless: Apples & Shirmps
Updated: 1/22/2020
The Shirt and Shirtless: Apples & Shirmps
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  • Hello there, my name is Rex. Who are you.
  • we were on a ship and I suppose we hit something and the ship sank.
  • Hey there, my name is Jeff.
  • How did we get here. I got a headache.
  • wow I must've hit my head
  • It seems we're by our selfs on the island.
  • sounds like a good idea Jeff.
  • I hope someone comes to rescue us.
  • Yeah, your right. We should go look for food
  • I'm an athlete. So I'll do better in the water.
  • And I have sharp nails and big hands. So I'll go climb a trees for food.
  • That's a good idea, it would be less time consuming for the both of us.
  • Sounds like a plan
  • We should also build some huts to protect us as well
  • Alright. Afterwards we can trade with each other.
  • Jeff and Rex meet on the beach after a ship wreck
  • What did you get Rex.
  • I sure did, I collected a lot of apples.
  • Hey there Rex, I see you caught a lot of food there.
  • I caught a lot of shrimp. I'm a great swimmer so it was easy for me.
  • I caught some shrimp too but its not a lot. I got 96 apples and 20 shrimp.
  • Sure thing
  • I got 28 apples and 64 shrimps.
  • Great, lets trade. those apples you got look way better than mine.
  • Jeff who was a pro swimmer decided to catch shrimp in the ocen. While Jeff, who has big hands went to climb the tree for food.
  • wow, by trading we can get some much more done and more food
  • and everyone gets what they want.
  • Yeah, makes things easier for people.
  • Now we dont have to worry about food. Now I see why people trade
  • Yeah
  • now lets fry some apples and shrimps.
  • I'm hungry
  • Rex and Jeff meet back up after a day of getting food
  • Rex and Jeff start to trade. Jeff had the absolute advantage in shrimp and Rex had the absolute advantage in apples.They trade,afterwards they see Rex had the comparative advantage in shrimp (.21 shrimp per apple. Jeff had the comparative advantage in apple (0.4 per apple)
  • So Jeff decides to get specialize in getting apples and Rex specalizes in getting shrimp. This made getting food a lot easier for them. Now both parties are satified and can have food.
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