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Intolerable acts
Updated: 9/27/2019
Intolerable acts
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  • The Boston Tea Party, where colonists threw 340 chests of tea overboard in protest to the British taxes
  • This infuriated the British, forcing them into action
  • King George the III was furious so he passed a series of laws that woud be later known a the Intolerable Acts
  • First they closed the ports with the Boston Port Act, but there was still more to come
  • Britain passed a number of acts that severely limited the Colonists freedom, Including the Murder Act, Quartering Acts and Massachusttes Government Act
  • So they formed the first continental congress which led to The Declaration Of Independance and the start of our country.
  • After a hard and grueling war the colonials won and secured their freedom making the country we know today. These were the events set off from the Boston Tea Party, this was the turning point of our country
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