Ghost By Jason Reynolds
Updated: 2/3/2021
Ghost By Jason Reynolds

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Japman Togar

Storyboard Text

  • "don't make me do this Terri!!!"
  • COME ON!!
  • You run one time ya hear me
  • Just say go already!!
  • Ghost and his mom have to abandon their home after his dad tries to kill them and ends up in jail which leaves them in financial problems.
  • You need to start thinking about life and what you wanna do with yourself !
  • This is wear he meets the track team but he is really annoyed at the moment so he sets a bad impression the coach and his teammates.
  • I'm going to be a better person
  • Ghost goes to a sports store because he's looking for shoe to run in and find these silver bullets. He wants them really badly so he decides to steal them.
  • GHOSTBy Jason Reynolds
  • Coach is upset with ghost for all the trouble he's been getting in to. First getting in trouble at school,then stealing the shoes for track practice.He just wants ghost to do something better for his life so he kicks him of the trackteam.
  • After all that ghost understands what he need s to do so he goes and pays for the shoes, apologies to the school, and cleans up the mess he made at school which finally allowed him back on the team.