Updated: 2/17/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Ubiquinone! These are the two ice cream cones that need to go to Cytochrome B-C1. Can you deliver it to her for me?
  • NADH Dehydrogenase received two ice cream cones (protons) from NADH. At the same time, she gave away two hamburgers that she was holding.
  • Sure!
  • Here are the two ice cream cones that you asked for.
  • As Cytochrome B-C1 receives her ice cream (electron) , she leaves her hamburger (proton/ hydrogen ion) in the cafeteria.
  • Thanks!
  • Hey Cytochrome C! Can you give this to Cytochrome Oxidase please?
  • Cytochrome B-C1 has given the ice cream to Cytochrome C. However, Cytochrome C only has enough hands to bring one ice cream at a time to Cytochrome Oxidase
  • Cytochrome C gives Cytochrome Oxidase the ice cream one by one. But, Cytochrome Oxidase needs 4 ice creams total to in order to be happy. So, the entire cycle starts again.
  • Now, Cytochrome Oxidase has 4 ice cream cones (electrons), 8 burgers (protons), and two hotdogs (oxygen molecules). He trades in his hotdogs and 4 burgers for 2 sandwiches (H2O molecules). Then he leaves them on the cafeteria table for ATP Synthase to take.
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