Unknown Story

Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hey Tom, How are you?
  • I am good and how are you Cris?
  • Do you know I am about to turn 16?
  • Yes me too and we will get our driver license this year?
  • I am very exited for it. Are you?
  • Yes, me too I have also decide to get a new car
  • Do you know that in order to get a driver license you need to prepare for a knowledge test
  • Yay Yay I do not need to worry about that I am well prepared.
  • I think you should not be over confident and prepare for it again.
  • I do not care and I know I am going to score very well; actually better than you
  • Hey how was you driving test?
  • It did not go that well and I failed it and now I realize that I should not have been overconfident