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Riley Lokitis
Updated: 11/6/2019
Riley Lokitis
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  • Feudalism
  • Monarchs
  • Lords/Ladies
  • Feudalism kept order, but it was unfair when it came to food because the Monarchs and Lords/Ladies didn't do much but still got the most food and Serfs did a lot of work but didn't get fed well.
  • Knights
  • Monarchs didn't have enough money to manage, so the lords and ladies helped them manage. The kings were at the top of the social pyramid and didn't really do much. They got the most food from the serfs.
  • Serfs
  • Lords and Ladies manage the empire and the castle. They collect the taxes and make sure the serfs pay their food. They were sometime judges and sometime fought with the knights.
  • The knights job was to protect the empire/castle and defend. They got some food but not as much as the lords, ladies, and king. The were always training younger knights called pages are squires or they were training.
  • The serfs lived in small 1-2 room houses with the animals. Serfs couldn't leave the land of the lord and worked on the farm to make the food for the empire.
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