Snow and the magical land

Updated: 10/11/2021
Snow and the magical land

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, what do you have there? Are you selling it?
  • It's a finding stone. It brings you to what you need most. I'll give it to you if you give me your food.
  • I'm not sure. But if this stone really does bring you to what you need most, then it should bring me to food, right? I'll take it.
  • Thank you young wolf. I am sure it will become of great use to you.
  • What the... Oh, this must be how it shows you where to go. So I should follow in the direction of the glow.
  • Whoa, this place is amazing! The stone really does work. I have so much food now! I can't believe that rabbit hole led me here.
  • Wait, someone is coming!
  • Hey, that's my food you dirty little thief! Get out of here!
  • Thank you fox. This stone really did serve me well.