Storyboard Political Debate on Immigration by Ally Fenner
Updated: 11/6/2018
Storyboard Political Debate on Immigration by Ally Fenner
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Storyboard Description

A fairly accurate example of a night in the Fenner household (except we are definitely not this respectful) with an evening full of tense political discussion, conflicting views, and sibling rivalry! Tune in as Ally Fenner and her brother argue about their beliefs on the topic of immigration while on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Storyboard Text

  • I can't believe you think that!
  • It's just my political beliefs.
  • If you're going to argue about this again, go in the other room, and be respectful.
  • I agree, we need to talk about this respectfully from the sides of our political parties. Me, a Democrat, and you, a Republican.
  • Alright, I believe that our borders need to be more secure like with Trump's wall and we need to enforce existing immigration laws.
  • I recognize that we need secure borders, but I also think that we need to focus more on immigration reform rather than gradual efforts like Trump's wall.
  • I also think that children should not be taken away from their undocumented parents. And the Syrian refugee ban should be lifted. Everyone should have the right to try to better their life and if that means coming to the U.S., we should help them.
  • I think that our country's security should be the most important thing. We need to severely restrict immigration into the U.S. to combat cartels, gangs, and terrorism here. Immigration allows millions of people to enter into America and do whatever they please including potentially harmful things.
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