Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • "Ring-Ring"
  • "Ring- Ring"
  • Yes Sara?
  • Hey! Im outside come see me. Just go out your window and come smoke some weed with me? If you don't know weed is a drug normally used to calm you down and is made from a hemp plant, and also called grass. We can smoke or eat it however you want to. So come out!!
  • No way
  • There are so many long term affects to smoking marijuana. such as chronic cough, respritory problems and constant vomiting
  • OMG why don'y be a wimp. It will be fun!!
  • Sneaking out? What is that? No idea what that means
  • That's so stupid C'mon lets go I'm literally right next to your house.
  • Oh sorry my mom is coming. But just so you know if you smoke you might be dizzy, feel extra relaxed, or have a slow reaction time. But have fun bye!!
  • Don't play dumb Hannah!!