causes of the civil war
Updated: 11/6/2018
causes of the civil war
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  • compromise of 1850
  • we need to figer out if where going to let the so therners to come and git the slaves how erned freed om or not .
  • fugitive slave law of 1850
  • uncle tomes cabin of 1852
  • the compermis of 1850 was 5 laws passed to deter man the free and the slave states  and the fugitive slave law was made but the northers did not like the fugitive slave law because the southerners can come and get the slaves.
  • Kansans Nebraska act of 1852 (bleeding Kansan)
  • the fugitive slave law is when the southerners can come and get people how are slaves how escaped from the soth to the north 
  • dread Scot decisions of 1857
  • uncle tomes cabian is taking about slavery and how the slavery is still going on allover america.
  • Lincoln - Douglas Debates of 1858
  • the bleeding Kansas is war if the state if its going to be a free state or a slave state.
  • the slave oners are wanting to take there slaves to the west and dread Scot docent what them to and he is fighting for them to get ride of slavery.
  • there arging about slavery for if one lets and on docent in the north or not this is what starts the civil war.
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