Chapter 6 storyboard Outsiders
Updated: 11/9/2020
Chapter 6 storyboard Outsiders

Storyboard Text

  • Get out of here!
  • At the Dairy Queen they talked about how Cherry was a spy for the Socs. Ponyboy and Johnny were shocked by this information.
  • Where's Johnny, and Dallas?
  • On their way back to the church Johnny was thinking about turning himself in to the police. Just when they were going back to the church to get their stuff back it was in flames.
  • Scared and Worried the screams of children were coming from inside the church. The boys hastily went into the church to save the children.
  • I missed you Ponyboy wear have you been!
  • Ponyboy was stunned like coming out if the movies and seeing a bright light. He was confused and was worried about Johnny and Dallas.
  • In the waiting room Ponyboy learned he shouldn't smoke and was told he had visitors. He looked and he froze. Darry and Sodapop were there to see him.
  • Ponyboy ran up to Darry to give him a hug and he realized that he was crying a waterfall. They hugged and hugged until all the tears were gone.