Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Stanley got to camp green lake and the guard from the nus took him into a room. The guy in the room was named Mr Sir. Mr Sir told Stanley that you have to dig a hole every day.
  • Stanley met Mr Pendanski and he introduce Stanley everyone who he was sharing a tent with. Then he showed him the tent he was going to sleep. Stanley asked Theodore, "Where can I fill up my canteen?" Theodore said, "Its Armpit. There is a water spigot on the wall of the shower stall
  • Elya went to see a fortune teller. She told him that to take a pig up a mountain and sing the pig a song to the pig and let it drink from a river on the mountain. Then come back to carry the me up the mountain and if you don't you and your family will be cursed for all eternity. Last Elya never cam back for the fortune teller