Granny Squannit and The Bad Young Man
Updated: 2/12/2021
Granny Squannit and The Bad Young Man

Storyboard Text

  • This is Bad Young Man he is a very bad young man. He is a member of the Wampanoag tribe. He is being possessed by an evil spirit which causes him to do bad things.
  • One day Bad Young Man followed younger children to a river and began pushing them in the water.
  • Then coming up the river with her hair over her face without rowing was Granny Squannit.
  • Granny Squannit took Bad Young man to her cave were she force fed him soup that made him sleep for four days!
  • When Bad Young Man woke up he saw Granny Squannit sleeping. No one had ever seen Granny Squannit's face so Bad Young Man tip toed over to see her face.
  • Bad Young Man pulled Granny Squannit's hair back to reveal one creepy eye staring right at him! Bad Young Man fell backward and the evil spirit was scared out of him. Bad Young Man grew up to be a king person who respected his elders and others which earned him the name High Eagle.