Updated: 11/28/2020

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  • -in order to be (fit( or (healthy) you need to engage in some hype of recreational program.- recommended that young adults form 60 of physical activity.
  • physical
  • activities that you enjoy and that are appropriate for your health and fitness level
  • health consideration and physical disabilities may limit the type of activity and how vigorously you can participate in activates.
  • consideration
  • personality we are each given individuals which means that there is not one acclivity that will meet everyone needs.
  • the wether has a huge impact on safety while participating in an activity .
  • -feeling dizzy-light headed-exhausted 
  • Calories are burned in two different ways. The first way your body burns calories is by maintaining your heart beat, digesting your food, creating new cells, and all other processes that keep your body alive and well.
  • caloric balance
  • The second way your body burns calories is through physical activity. This does not necessarily need to be through playing sports or going to the gym. Activities such as vacuuming, dancing, and gardening are everyday activities that burn calories.
  • i got confused with the how many to do because there was only 4 lessons and i maybe im wring about it but i can redo it if i didn't do it right
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