Unknown Story
Updated: 11/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • It all started at the presidential debate when somebody hit Trump with a silent pistol in the stomach. Then a few days later he went back to the white house and he felt hyper. Then he jumped up and he started flying out of nowhere and now he considered himself a superhero. He traveled the world to stop crimes. He was able to fly when ever he wanted like in snow or even rain. One day he was so tired of flying That the sun had a big effect of radiation on him. The radiation that bounced on him made him lose being able to fly. He fell 50 feet into one of the White Houses bathroom and into the toilet. After that incident he was in the emergency room for a month. He wasn't able to be president at the time so Barack Obama was the president for a month. The End!!!!!
  • Ow I'm hit!
  • I new nobody liked him.
  • Hahah now he can fly.
  • What up Jelly Joe.
  • Trump is that you?
  • Why did this have to happen me!!!
  • It is nice to see you again White house.
  • The End!