broken blade by Reese Johnson 4 hour
Updated: 2/27/2020
broken blade by Reese Johnson 4 hour

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's father cut his thumb with an ax. Pierre is going to have to take his fathers place in being a voyager. He is going to have to leave his family his friends and he wont be able to go to School.
  • Pierre is getting along with most people except Beloit and Pierre´s nick name is grandpa. Pierre is really sore and his blisters hurt really bad. He would much rather be back at school with Celeste and be at home with his family.
  • Pierre just had a wild crazy ride down the rapids he was almost out of the canoe and he was drenched. Then all of a sudden his canoe got stuck on a rock. La Lond jumped out on to a rock and got the canoe free but he lost his step and fell in.
  • hi dad
  • im so glad your home!!!!!!!!
  • They had a good first day on lake superior and on the second day they decided to save 20 miles and cut right across Michipicoten. Then the waves started picking up the waves splashed over the boat and the waves were freezing. the waves were getting worse so they decided to stop at Michipicoten bay for the waves to die down
  • Pierre and his crew were so happy they finally made it to Grand Portage. They met the cheif Mukwa and his daughter Kennewah. Pierre was exited that he made it half way through his journey now he only has to get back
  • Pierre is finally home after 3 months he is so happy to see is family. Pierre is going to sign on again next spring because he is stronger now and wont be the yongest any more. His whole family is really happy that Pierre is home.