Updated: 3/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The gates to the school reopened
  • David Bonior
  • Steve Gunderson
  • Tim Rarus
  • Greg Hlibok
  • Jerry Covell
  • Bridget Bourne
  • Student boycotted school and protested instead. Four students stood up and became leaders of the movement.
  • The student also went to rallies to discuss their next move.
  • .........
  • A meeting was placed for the demands the community wanted
  • Greg Hlibok
  • Elisabeth Zinser met up with the four students. The students wanted her to resign, but she refused.
  • I refuse.
  • King Jordan
  • They met at a press confrince and Jordan said he supports her.
  • I support the Protestors.
  • Bonior said he supported the protest.
  • I support you.