Bunker Hill project
Updated: 4/9/2021
Bunker Hill project

Storyboard Text

  • Battle of Bunker Hill
  •   The continental army are getting ready to go to Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill and fight the British and is taken place June 17, 1775 in Massachusetts. 
  • We must bring all the weapons and get to the hill before the British!
  •  The continental army were getting everything ready for the fight at the hills to get the advantage.
  • Yes Israel Putnam.
  • Putnam is telling his army when you see the whites of their eyes you fire since they are low on ammunition an if they fire when they are at the bottom their plan won’t work.
  • “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”
  • We push up the hill together.
  • What should we do William Howe?
  • The British are retreating because they are prepared and attacked them with their muskets.
  • Retreat they are prepared run!
  • The Americans were outnumbered and the British took the victory because the continental army didn’t have enough ammunition to fight so they retreated and that’s how the British won.
  • Victory!
  • Retreat!
  • This war left us with 100 deaths and 300 wounded.
  • 268 British died and 828 were wounded and 115 American deaths and 305 were wounded.
  • But we wounded 800 people and killed 200.
  • They have fortified the hills and now have the advantage to destroy the city with their cannons.
  • At there base in Massachusetts were they’re getting ready to go to the hills in June 17, 1775.
  •  The Continental army are getting ready to go to the hills and fight and is taken place on June 17, 1775 in Massachusetts