Newton's Gravitational Law of Motion
Updated: 1/11/2021
Newton's Gravitational Law of Motion

Storyboard Description

How Isaac Newton discover the Law of Gravitational Motion

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Isaac Newton. And I want to introduce to all of the Gravitational Law of Motion and how it was started.
  • While I'm sitting under the tree. An apple fell down on my head. I was hurt and little upset that time and wish that apple fall into the cloud and not down on me.
  • Same as other kids before. I really love to play. And when I'm tired I stay and take a rest under the tree.
  • The whole incident made me think. "Why the apple fell down and not up in the air?" I asked my parents. But no one can give me an answer.
  • I observed that time that everything I throw in the air eventually come down. Nothing can up and stayed up forever. It will fall down as if something pulling it back to the earth.
  • I was obsessed in finding an answer. I made a research day and night for several years.
  • When I found out that it was earth that pull everything back down. Earth have a pulling back bar called gravity.
  • Finally, after years of research. I found the answer to the mystery of the apple falling on my head. It fell down because of the gravity of the earth.
  • Gravity pull the object towards the center of the earth. Anything that we throw in the earth will fall down.