Updated: 1/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Newtons three law seems to be very interesting
  • An object will keep moving unless Something acts upon it. That is the first law. The ball would have gone on forever, but friction from the rough grass caused it to stop. When I kicked the ball, I also caused it to move, which is another example of the first law.
  • When I kicked the ball, it accelerated and the ball had a mass. If you multiply these two things, you get the force I used to kick the ball. This is Newton's second law. Force equals Mass times Acceleration
  • If I the ball...
  • Force was acted upon the ball by me. According to Newton's third law, The ball exerted an equal but opposite force back at me. This is true for all actions that occur.
  • Who knew a simple soccer mo would tell us so much about science.
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