decision making
Updated: 10/24/2018
decision making
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  • let me think about it, I'm not sure if I want to or not.
  • determine the problem
  • hey! we should smoke these when my mom drops us off, I've done this before and it's super fun!
  • cigar- ettes
  • come on its so fun! and i promise everyone will be doing it at school on monday, and you can be a pro and show them how to smoke!
  • examine the options
  • I don't have to smoke, I could just throw them away or give them to my mom...
  • consider the outcome
  • just make up your mind, its really fun!
  • i know it could be and i love having fun, its just that i don't want to get lung cancer or damage my body in any way
  • karren realizes its a problem that her friend wants to smoke and want her to do it too even though she knows she shouldn't do it
  • identify values
  • karren do i have to smoke? like it does sound fun which I'm all for, but lying to my parents is against my values because they are just trying to keep me safe, so is putting chemicals into body because i want to be able to live a long healthy life.
  • karren realizes there are more options available to her. she doesn't have to smoke, she could take the pack from Shelby and throw it away, etc
  • decide and act
  • What! that isn't fair!
  • Shelby, I'm not going to smoke with you, and I just texted my mom about everything
  • karren knew what she wanted to do with the pack of cigarettes would make her friends mad, but...
  • no problem, i knew it was the right decision since it kept everyone safe
  • thank you so much karren for telling me about what happened, and being honest.
  • karren knows better than to smoke, she knows that they contain rat poison and tar, and she doesn't want that in her body
  • ok?
  • karren knows this is what she wanted to do, even if her friend wanted her to smoke
  • yes it is, and you will be thanking me those last 11 minutes of your life.
  • after taking the cigarettes from her friend and telling her mom about what happened, she also had to tell shelby's mom which was hard but she made the best decision
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