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Mr. Rogers Civil Liberties
Updated: 5/16/2020
Mr. Rogers Civil Liberties
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  • Hey friend. In times when the neighborhood is scared because of a pandemic, it is important that our government looks out for what is best for you and me. Sometimes we have to give up what we want for ourselves so that we can stay safe and happy, and the neighborhood can reopen again soon. Here we go!
  • Our Congress, which makes laws that everyone must follow, has the power to regulate how we live to protect the public. Under the Commerce Clause, found in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution, our government can limit and ban travel through the interstate and even this neighborhood. A stay-at-home order can suspend our liberties such as freedoms of speech and religion, but is set to slow the spread of a dangerous virus.
  • These civil liberties are given to all US citizens in the 1st Amendment. But by not letting people gather together in places at risk, people may not be able to go to church or meet at the playground. Government can do this as long as they apply to everyone, so it is fair. Our government taking these liberties is more incidental because the main goal is to keep the neighborhood strong and safe.
  • In the Jacobson v Massachusetts court case, the Supreme Court decided that states can force friends to do things like get tested or vaccinated when it is necessary. Each person is not completely free from government control, so reasonable regulations can be enforced to look out for everyone's health and well being.
  • In an emergency, states have the responsibility of protecting the public health, and use their police powers to do so. This means that many of our shops, schools, parks, and businesses must work together to meet the government's guidelines, not letting everyone enjoy them for the time being. To make sure everyone is listening and following nicely, governors may call the National Guard and arrest people who do not follow orders.
  • As long as these steps are taken only to prevent a disease from spreading, government can take about any action that protects the general welfare. Even though some of our liberties cannot be fully exercised at this time, we can still do our part by obeying our neighborhood's isolation and distancing plans. I hope to see you soon, so stay safe and know that our helpers are working hard to let us openly use these liberties again!
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