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Updated: 4/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • One day in the galaxy a giant cloud of dust and gas appeared, then over time became bigger and turned into a protostar.
  • 100 million years later the protostar turn into a main-sequence star made of helium and hydrogen atoms. The star's size had a mass of 3 and a luminosity of 60. Since the star had such a large luminosity it had a large temperature of 11,000 kelvins.
  • The main sequence star began to produce more energy and runs out of hydrogen causing nuclear fusion by fusing helium into carbon in a process known as the Proton-Proton Chain Reaction.
  • Eventually the star became aged into a red giant, but then generated too much heat and burn out too much hydrogen to the point where it sheds its outer layer and is now a planetary nebula.
  • With the planetary nebula already having it's carbon core exposed and only having gas surrounding it, it will then be considered a white dwarf.
  • In the end the star had a long and fulfilling life.
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