The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
Updated: 4/21/2020
The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • It is the aliens! Just like in the movies!
  • This story takes place during the evening on Maple Street. The neighborhood mainly consists of Steve, Charlie, Don, Les Goodman, and Tommy. Suudenly, a flash of light appears in the sky, and it causes a commotion amongst all the people. Additionally, the power goes out, and the neighborhood is left in the dark. 
  • Climax
  • The flash of light causes a series of events. The community turns on each other and accuses them of being a monster. Fights, rocks through windows, showing up at doors, all make everyone go crazy. No one knows what is going on, or who caused these issues. 
  • Falling Action
  • You are the monster!
  • The young boy, Tommy, is convinced that aliens are the ones to blame for the power outages. Everyone begins to act suspicious, and they start to accuse one another of being aliens.
  • Resolution
  • A dark figure, that appears to be a monster, is coming towards the crowd. Since the community is already on edge because of the power outage, Don hands a gun to Steve to defend themselves from the monster. As the monster came closer, Charlie rips the gun out of Steve's hands, and shoot the monster.
  • After Charlie shoots the monster, the crowd of people run up to the body to see what it was. With closer examination, the mysterious monster was Pete Vanhorn. He was only going to the next street over to see if they had no power as well. Everyone continuosly accuses eachother of being the aliens because of the motives behind shooting a dark figure without knowing what or who it was.
  • All of Maple Street turn on each other and start choosing sides, ultimately leading the neighborhood to self-destruction. Up above Maple Street sat two figures having a conversation. They seem as if they were the cause of the behavior outbreak. As they state "Just stop a few of their machines and radiosand telephones and lawn mowers...throw them into darkness for a few hoursand then you just sit back and watch the pattern".
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