Unknown Story

Updated: 8/20/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Greg is homeless, sad, and miserable
  • Spare Change? Anything helps, I havent eaten all DAY!
  • Come on in!
  • Umm... thanks...*Ughhh this place smells like dead fish!*
  • Sarah is sassy and is a perfectionist
  • The robber is an angry and selfish person
  • Speech
  • UGHHH this homework is so confusing!
  • Don't worry I can help you!
  • Thoughts
  • Welcome to Back to School Night!!!
  • (The parents had looked at her weird due to her metal leg)
  • Effect on Others
  • Actions
  • The boy (Jack) is helpful, he cares for others, and is a nice person.
  • Looks
  • The teacher (Anna) is very welcoming and nice.