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Updated: 3/12/2020
English Storyboard

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  • Sometimes, no matter what a person does for someone, it will never be appreciative.
  • "A short time Afterward the child woke up without a fever and with a desire to eat"
  • "For in less than a week they had crammed their rooms with money and the line of pilgrims still reached beyond the horizon"
  • "with the money they saved they built a two-story house.. Pelayo also set up a rabbit warren close to town and gave up his job for good, and Elisenda bought some satin pumps with high heels and many dresses of iridescent silk"
  • "..she kept on watching until it was no longer possible for her to see him, because he was no longer an annoyance in her life."
  • The first quote shows the theme because before the angel came the baby was very sick, but when it arrived, the baby was fine. This shows how they didn't really acknowledge that maybe the angle is here to help. The second quote shows the theme because even though the angel is getting all of these bad things done to him, they are still getting the positive side of everything. The third quote shows the theme because the money they earned from the second quote was used to build a good home and get fancy clothes, but they still never took recognition of the angel. The fourth quote shows how the woman was more relieved that he was leaving because she was tired of him being around when really he was the one that was giving them what they received in that certain amount of time he was there.