Reducing Touch Points

Updated: 6/14/2020
Reducing Touch Points

Storyboard Text

  • Two reporters are sitting at the at a runway show (decorated hallway with party lights) : Reporter 1: This season, masks are definitely the look to have! And look who we have here sporting the newest Dhahran mask.
  • Reporter 2: Why, it's Mr. Gordon sporting the royal blue Wildcat mask made from the finest polyester and cotton, complete with the black accents.
  • Reporter 1: Now, this is what you call model behavior. Notice how he has the mask secured properly behind the ears.
  • Reporter 2: Yes, and look how he has his mouth and nose fully covered by the mask.
  • Reporter 1: Wearing masks is definitely what's in! It's so easy, even a wildcat can do it!
  • Camera flashes to Wildcat walking down quite glamorously, then doing a spin and dropping down to the ground.