The Three versions of a King
Updated: 3/12/2020
The Three versions of a King
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  • In a Kingdom lost to time there was a King who had it all.
  • Money, power, anything and everything he could ever hope to want, however it was at the expense of his people.
  • Oh come on does it really matter if a few people get hurt? No because we get what we want. Enough said.
  • We know what we want and this is the best plan so really lets just go with it. Why bother arguing.
  • His subjects, those he was sworn to protect, he forced them to give up everything just so he could have everything he could ever possibly dream of.
  • Each night the King would dream of three versions of himself. They would argue about how they went about getting all thye wanted.
  • They argued for seemingly ever. Every night it was the same. Two against one They would not listen to the third Kings pleas no matter what he said.
  • Neither of you understand, it's the principle of the matter. People are getting hurt with this plan. Let's look at other options before even if they are indirect ways to get what we want.
  • This ignorance lead to the King being killed in his sleep for his greed. No longer would his subjects suffer. He entered teh final rest.
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