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attributes of functions
Updated: 10/14/2020
attributes of functions
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  • Hi grandma, at school today I learned about the attributes of functions.
  • Ah yes ! I remember learning that back in the old days.
  • We can use the function f (x)= 2x^2 -1 as an example . First we can find the domain. The domain is all real numbers. As for the range would be [-1, infinity)
  • I see !
  • To find the x intercept you make f(x)=0 then move variable, divide, simplify , then separate solutions.
  • So x would be
  • To find the y intercept you make x=0 , evaluate, calculate , then remove 0
  • So y would be (0,1) right ?
  • To find if the fuction is even or odd use substitution, determine the sign , then use substitution.
  • So it would be an even function !
  • The aos would be the line that cuts the function in two halves
  • And the max would be the highest point and the min would be the lowest point .
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