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Cardenas 4
Updated: 12/17/2019
Cardenas 4
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  • On the clear and sunny morning of June 27th, the villagers gathered in the square for the annual lottery.
  • Keep away from our stones
  • "You wouldn't believe what happened.''
  • Shortly after, preparation for the lottery began. Mr. Graves, the postmaster, placed a three-legged stool in the center of the square. The official of the lottery, Mr. Summers, followed closely with the black box, which he set down on top of the stool. The black box was full of slips of paper which would be drawn by the villagers.
  • "Little late today, folks."
  • Mrs. Hutchinson hurriedly joined the crowd. After, Mr. Summers checked that everyone was present and confirmed who would be drawing for certain families. Finally, the drawing commenced.
  • "Allen, Anderson... Bentham... Clark... Delacroix..."
  • "Be a good sport Tessie." "We all took the same chance."
  • It was revealed that Bill Hutchinson drew the paper with the feared black dot. Mrs. Hutchinson, or Tessie, vehemently attempted to defend her family by claiming that Bill was not given enough time to draw a paper.
  • "Shut up Tessie."
  • "It wasn't fair!"
  • Mr. Graves dumped the paper slips that were in the box onto the ground. He replaced them with 5 paper slips for all five members of the Hutchinson family. One of the slips had the black dot. Each member of the family drew a slip. It is revealed that Tessie Hutchinson drew the marked slip of paper. Therefore, she must be sacrificed.
  • "It's Tessie. Show us her paper, Bill."
  • "All right folks. Let's finish.''
  • Despite Tessie's pleas, the villagers, including her own family, closed in on her "It isn't fair, it isn't right,'' Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her.
  • "This isn't fair, it isn't right!"
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